Greenhouse Automation V4

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Simple yet effective enough greenhouse automation system. Sensor and actuator control is done on Arduino and it communicates with rest of the home automation systems with nrf24l01 radio module. Power for the system comes from small solar panel, extra power for gloomy days is stored on car battery. Main motivation for building this system is to allow greenhose to run on couple of weeks by itself during summer.


  • watering control
  • window control


  • air tempature
  • water tank tempature
  • water tanks state
  • watering amount
  • moisture
  • rain

Sensor data prosessing

All sensor and status data is sent to via nrf24l01 radio module into home automation Pi for further processing and display. sensor data can be viewed from web insterface available at:

Window Control & Actuators

Windows are opened and closed based on simple tempature threshold values. Arduino mainboard does decissions locally and drives linear motors via motor controlller opening and closing windows.

Watering control

Watering is done via drip hoses buried in the bench. Drip hoses are fed from gravity driven tank that is filled automatically a couple of times a day. Arduino sends status updates of waterflow and level sensors via radio module. Watering control and logic is offloaded on the raspery Pi that also runs other home automation tasks.


code is available at codebender


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