Home status display and tempature sensor hub.

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This display shows the most important home status data in single status line. 8 segment led displays have a nice eighties retro cyberpunk feel to it. Currently its programmed to show current time, outside temp, temp in bedroom, and temp in our sauna building. Data that is displayed comes from homeautomation PI as udp packets. Tempature data is recorded from attached sensors is relayed into PI as udp datagrams.

Component List
  • arduino R3
  • enc28J60 based ethernet shield
  • 8 segment 16 digit display module with sift registers
  • 3 onewire tempature sensors

Case & Hardware

Case is old wooden piano cigar case. Arduino R3 and Ethernet shield fits snugly into the case. Display is simply connected with jumper wires into arduino stack and sensors are connected into 10 meter long telephone wire using extenders. Sensors are bodged into insides off rj11 extension jacks. Sensor configuration and locations then can be adjusted with relative freedom.

UDP protocol

Device listens for udp packets in port 8888. Incoming packets contain ascii data for to be displayed. Device sends tempature data from its 3 sensors into home automation pi server. Tempature packets contain one-wire adresses of sensors along with sensor readings. Automation server then can correlate correct sensors to rooms and collate data accordingly.

Code. Code is available here: https://github.com/jussikin/homeAutomation/blob/master/Arduino/ArduinoHomeDataDisplay.pde

Future of this project

Propably I am going to add more various display devices for displaying more data. Maybe i add some PIR precense sensors also just for dimming the display when not in use and burglar detection or just for the hell of it.



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